Wheel Alignment

You probably know the feeling. Your steering wheel is pointed slightly to the left or right, but the car is dead-on driving straight. What causes this? It is a classic case of misaligned wheels. To keep your car running on the straight and narrow, regular wheel balancing and alignments are necessary. Don’t trust just any auto repair shop with this delicate work; bring it into the pros at Righteous Auto Care and we will get things back on the straight and narrow. We are your wheel alignment Racine #1 choice!

Wheel Alignment Racine WI

What Happens During A Wheel Alignment?

Everyone talks about wheels and alignments, but what actually happens during the process? Alignment is the process of adjusting vehicle suspension components to bring the wheels and tires into specific angles, meaning all four of your wheels are perfectly balanced to hit the road in equal measures as you drive. This helps with even tire wear, steering, and vehicle performance. And misaligned wheels aren’t always the fault of the driver. Accidents and running over debris in the road can knock wheels out of alignment, yes, but the passage of time also works to misaligned wheels. No matter what the reason, if you feel your car pulling to one side or the other, it is time for a wheel alignment for the experts at Righteous Auto Care in Racine WI.

Wheel Alignment in Racine, WI

When you need a wheel alignment in Racine, WI, you’ll want to trust this delicate process to the pros at Righteous Auto Care. We check your wheels, suspension, and tires during a wheel alignment, making sure all the components of your vehicle are working perfectly and perfectly in line. We also check for uneven wear on your tires caused by misaligned wheels. If your tires are worn, we are happy to work with you on picking the right tire for the right price – we are a full-service tire shop as well. Before we bring your car down off the lift, we make sure everything is in as good of shape as the day you drove it off the lot.

Alignment Near Me

When your car is running fine and just slightly pulling to one side or another, it doesn’t seem like a huge deal. But this shouldn’t be ignored. The damage caused to your tires and suspension by long-term driving on misaligned wheels can be substantial and comes at a substantial cost to fix. Our ASE Certified mechanics can get you straightened out in no time, and all our work comes with a 36 month/36,000-mile guarantee. Make an appointment with Righteous Auto Care today.

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