Vehicle Testing

Righteous Auto Care believes in offering thorough vehicle testing and inspections before we ever diagnose the issue or start the repairs. This allows us to cut down on the time and money spent waiting for your vehicle to be repaired as well as ensure that we are providing what your vehicle needs most, the proper repair. If you are looking for vehicle testing in Racine, WI, come by Righteous Auto Care where we get it right the first time.

Vehicle Testing

Check Engine Light Racine, WI

When your check engine light comes on, it is your vehicle’s way of letting you know that there is something wrong. It could be something minor like a loose gas cap, or something much more detrimental like transmission trouble. For the most part, an illuminated check engine light doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to make a mad dash to the mechanic, but it should be addressed as soon as possible.

At Righteous Auto Care, we have a state of the art technology to take the information logged in your onboard computer system so we can locate the issue. While there are many options available for a check engine light scan, not every location has the ability to fully utilize the information delivered by the test.

At Righteous Auto Care, our expert mechanics take the code or series of codes delivered by the check engine light scan, decipher it, and then use it as a guide to finding the source of the problem.

Vehicle Testing Racine, WI

While the check engine light is one of the most helpful innovations to come out of the automotive industry, it doesn’t give an actual diagnosis. For that, you need an expert who can take the information and go a step further with a thorough inspection of the compromised components or systems.

Racine Emissions Testing

Here at Righteous Auto Care, we are an emissions testing location for Racine residents. If your car requires emissions testing, there is no better place than Righteous Auto Care. Why choose us for your emissions testing? If you happen to fail the emissions test, we will diagnose the vehicle right then and there and can provide the necessary repairs to get the vehicle passing in no time. Please bring one of the following documents with you for your emissions testing:

  • Renewal statement
  • Certificate of registration
  • Prior emissions test report
  • Substitute Renewal Notice
  • Or Wisconsin title

We are happy to help our customers pass and get their emissions tests completed. See us today for your next emissions test.

Why Choose Righteous Auto Care?

At Righteous Auto Care, our goal is to make the auto repair experience as easy and painless as possible for every customer who visits our service center. We believe in providing service and repairs that are rooted in quality, honesty, and integrity.

Check Engine Light Near Me

If your vehicle is having trouble or if your check engine light is on, come see us today for the most accurate vehicle testing in Racine or schedule an appointment online.

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