EnginesYour vehicle’s without a doubt is arguably its most important part. Charged solely with getting your car rolling, your engine must be well taken care of if you expect it to last for the life of your vehicle. The ASE Certified mechanics at Righteous Auto Care in Racine, WI, are highly qualified to work on your car’s engine.

Engine Service in Racine, WI

At Righteous Auto Care in Racine, WI, we understand that the key to the long life of a vehicle is preventative maintenance, and your engine falls under that big tent. The team of experienced engine pros at Righteous Auto Care are happy to work with you and offer a comprehensive engine maintenance plan, with oil, fluids, filters, and more. We check and provide everything your engine needs to keep running, and in emergencies, we are more than qualified to fix whatever problem you may have. The techs at Righteous Auto Care want to make your regular scheduled engine service as convenient as possible.

Engine Repair in Racine, WI

The number one way to know if you’re in need of engine repairs is your check engine light.  Most modern cars are equipped with this warning to let you know of any number of engine problems. If your check engine light is on, chances are you won’t be able to find the issue yourself. Instead, let us run computer diagnostics and dig up the source of the problem. We can then explain the problem and discuss any needed repairs. Ignoring your check engine warning light can lead to higher and higher repair costs, so if yours is on, bring it into Righteous Auto Care today.

Engine Repair Near Me

No matter if you need emergency engine repair or you are just keeping up with the preventative maintenance like you should ASE Certified technicians at Righteous Auto Care are ready to get you fixed up and back out there driving. We can fix up all makes and models, and we are proud to offer a 36 month/36,000 mile warranty on all parts and services. Make an appointment with Righteous Auto Care today to get the best engine repair Racine has to offer.

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