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Paul Sanchez is the founder of Righteous Auto Care. As a young child, he was always taking stuff apart and always intrigued by how things worked internally. By the time of his teenage years he was studying car repair as a way to fix his vehicle.

Paul already had a solid foundation in basic engine repair as a result of many years of fixing vehicles for himself and friends throughout his childhood. As an adult Paul obtained his degree in electrical engineering and then turned to his passion for car repair by going into business for himself and offering a honest, quality service.

In 2010, Paul started his shop in a one car garage near Downtown Racine. Two years later, solely from the quality of customer satisfaction and word of mouth recommendations, Paul expanded his service to a larger location in town. Where Righteous Auto Care is currently located.

Paul’s goal is to provide honest, quality work at a fair price while sharing the love of Jesus Christ. John3:16

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